The Texas Wrongers

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It would not surprise me to read that the author this book, Doug J. Swanson, had been found lynched in his living room in Pittsburgh by a renegade band of The Daughters of the Texas Rangers. The book is the historical-heresy equivalent of writing that the Lone Ranger and Tonto were gay lovers and that “Kemo Sabe” translates as “Adorable … Read More

Review of “Bad Blood”

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Bad Blood is a book that should be read by every business person anywhere. It’s not only educational, it’s humbling. Despite nearly unlimited funding, these people couldn’t make a success out of a flawed business plan.

Review of Black Flags, Blue Waters

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The colonies of America loved the pirates because they spent money–lots of it–to replenish their ships, buying food, liquor, clothing, sailing gear (like lines and anchors) while they stayed and dined at inns, dallied with prostitutes, and bribed government officials.