Dishing Up® New Mexico

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Dishing Up New Mexico

Dishing Up New Mexico This is a farm-to-table cookbook featuring New Mexico small farmers, ranchers, restaurateurs, chefs, and 145 recipes featuring the foods of the Land of Enchantment. Contents Foreword, by Vicki Pozzebon of Delicious New Mexico Introduction: The Legacy of New Mexico’s Agriculture Chapter 1. Chile Peppers, the Heart and Soul of the State Chapter 2. Transforming the Essential … Read More

The Complete Chile Pepper Book

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The Complete Chile Pepper Book

The Complete Chile Pepper Book Chile peppers are hot — in every sense of the word. They add culinary fire to thousands of dishes from a variety of cuisines and inspire near-fanatical devotion in those who have succumbed to their incendiary charms. In this comprehensive book, world chile experts Dave DeWitt and Paul W. Bosland have assembled all the information … Read More

The Southwest Table

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The Southwest Table Take a good measure of Southwest culinary history, blend it well with insights from area chefs and food experts, and add plenty of mouthwatering recipes with four-color food photography, not to mention fascinating historical images. What do you get? The Southwest Table–a vibrant, must-have volume on America’s spiciest swath of states. Chile pepper expert and food historian Dave … Read More

The Fiery Cuisines

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The Fiery Cuisines 1984. The Fiery Cuisines. Cookbook. New York: St. Martin’s Press. Paperback edition, Chicago: Contemporary Books, 1985. Paperback edition, Berkeley, CA: Ten Speed Press, 1991. With Nancy Gerlach.  This was my first big book, with a hardcover edition, a British edition, and multiple paperback editions.  It stayed in print for nearly twenty years. Delicious recipes for fiery hot … Read More

Da Vinci’s Kitchen

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Da Vinci’s Kitchen 2006.  Da Vinci’s Kitchen: A Secret History of Italian Cuisine. Food history.  Dallas: Ben Bella Books.  This strictly food history title was a flop in the U.S. but quite popular in Europe and Asia, as my agent sold it to publishers in twelve countries including Poland, Japan, and China. Part history, part biography, and part cookbook, this … Read More