La Dolce Vita en Bardolino

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Lake Garda

We are vacationing in the foodie paradise of Bardolino, Italy, on the banks of Lake Garda, the largest lake in Italy and the ninth largest in Europe, staying at the home of Harald and Renate Zoschke, our longtime chilehead friends. Among the dishes we’ve been indulging in are:


Currywurst, Germany’s #! fast food dish, imported into Italy: bratwurst with a spicy ketchup sauce and sprinkled with hot curry powder.

Cocktails at Bardolino

Citrus-based cocktails at the waterfront bars.


Porchetta, a boned suckling pig, rolled up with herbs and garlic and roasted for 8 hours. Head on, of course.

Pizza Atomica

Pizza Atomica, with spicy sausages and red pepper flakes.