4-20 Celebrations Report from Oregon

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Ilene Style reports from Cannabis Central in Oregon:

Although 4-20 has become a particularly significant day in the four states where recreational pot is currently legal, Oregonians have been celebrating this holiday WAY before pot became legal here.  But this year, there seem to be more 4-20 events than ever.  Here is a sample of some of the fun  local 4-20 activities that Portlanders can partake of on this special day:

*  4-20 bus tours:  take a dispensary tour in the Cannabis Chariot, or check out the Cascade Cruiser for a groovy bus tour exploring Portland’s marijuana history. Above, the specials at Bloom Cannabis.

*  Free 4-20 munchies at the Hot Box BBQ Cart

*  An informal gathering of thousands of Portlanders at Mt. Tabor for the annual unsanctioned but extremely popular 4-20 “smoke-in” (this event was happening on 4-20 for years before pot was legalized here)

*  The 4-20 Bud-tender Ball at the World Forestry Center, complete with cannabis-friendly swag bags

*  A book release party for “Doobie or Not Doobie,” a new collection of poetry and short stories about marijuana

*  Block parties and special giveaways at marijuana dispensaries across town

*  GanjaCon, Oregon’s premier Cannabis Expo, which happened this past weekend, featured the GanjaCup, Oregon’s best and biggest cannabis competition

And, to help with marijuana tourism:

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