We Expand Our Food Coverage

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For the past 36 years we have exclusively covered the worlds of chile peppers, fiery foods, and barbecue and that coverage has led to 40 published books, 3 websites, and hundreds of articles. Now we are expanding into the world of seafood, a vast and diverse field that is largely undiscovered and under-reported with an associated industry that has no major website or blog, no contest, and no trade show: the Specialty Seafood Products Industry. In the future we hope to remedy that situation, starting with the website/blog that we are launching today, Seafood-Harvest.com.
This new site will focus on six major categories:

But I am confident that we will expand this coverage and become the primary source on the Internet for information about seafood. To that end, we need your help. Please send us press releases, news, photos, and links to information about seafood that you generate or find. Send them to me, the publisher, at daved@fiery-foods.com. Or, you  can send the information to our editor, Mark Masker, at mark_masker@yahoo.com.