The Pulled Pork BBQ Cheater

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That would be–uh, me. Especially during the winter, when the temperature is below freezing and it’s a pain in the (pork) butt to use your smoker. Pulled pork sandwiches are one of my favorite barbecue dishes, but it takes a long time to smoke a pork shoulder (aka “butt”). Dr. BBQ, my friend Ray Lampe, writes that he smokes the pork shoulder for up to ten hours! Other sources list even longer times, depending on the size of the butt. But how about four hours and you don’t even have to go outside? That’s what I achieved with my slow cooker and the product shown above. The result? Pulled pork that duplicates the taste of true smoked pork to about 90%. Yes, you need to add some ketchup, vinegar, and your favorite barbecue sauce, but that’s all. Just follow the directions on the package. Here is the result: