Sunbelt Booze?

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Lately I’ve been buying Dire Wolf Vodka, made by Aztec Spirits in Santa Fe. Look at their packaging: This got me thinking. What we opened a new division of our company and called it Sunbelt Booze? We could have a number of products named in a similar fashion.  White Fang Creme de Menthe. Pit Viper Tequila. Sabre Tooth Scotch. Porcupine … Read More

Holiday Spirits?

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While stocking up today at Total Wine, I noticed that I am attracted to brands featuring fierce creatures, whether extant or extinct. Here, I’m referring to the golden eagle, a worldwide species that’s one of the largest raptors, though not as large as the Philippine monkey-eating eagle or the harpy eagle. The dire wolf is extinct, but it was fearsome … Read More