Happy Holiday Humor: Rejected Book Titles

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From my connections in the book publishing industry, I have learned some new, shocking facts. Acquisition editors are no longer reading book proposals or manuscripts from authors, and they can’t depend on judging a book by its cover because the covers have not yet been designed. So they’re depending on book titles to make their decisions on whether or not … Read More

Holiday Spirits?

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While stocking up today at Total Wine, I noticed that I am attracted to brands featuring fierce creatures, whether extant or extinct. Here, I’m referring to the golden eagle, a worldwide species that’s one of the largest raptors, though not as large as the Philippine monkey-eating eagle or the harpy eagle. The dire wolf is extinct, but it was fearsome … Read More

“In charity there is no excess.”

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The quotation that is the title of this post is by Sir Francis Bacon, an English Renaissance statesman and philosopher, best known for his promotion of the scientific method. He also collaborated with the Earl of Sandwich to invent the BLT. (See how easy it is to lie online?) Based on my experiences in donating to two organizations, I would … Read More