Where Africa Meets India: Fiery Durban Curry

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Durban Curry

Diana Armstrong comments: “Speak to any traveler who has been to South Africa, and they probably will tell you that they visited Cape Town, to enjoy the vineyards and the spectacular scenery, and the Kruger National Park for a requisite safari experience. But the great pity is that they narrowly missed one of the most sensuous and diverse cities in all of Africa: the port city of Durban, which is just a short hop off the normal tourist route. This sub-tropical paradise is set around a magnificent palm-lined bay. It is a city of more than two million people and it is unabashedly colorful. The original inhabitants are the descendants of the warrior king Chaka Zulu. Then, in 1820, very stiff-upper-lipped British colonials arrived and in the 1860s brought indentured Indian workers from South India to cut their sugar cane. The Indian population has a rich history here. Durban was once home to Mahatma Gandhi, who practiced law here in 1893 and stayed for 21 years. He came fresh from his Oxford studies in England to represent down-trodden Indian cane-cutters in their fight for rights. You may visit his home in the Phoenix settlement outside Durban.” Read the entire article here.